Namibia tour is a tour for those most persistent of you. If you are not scared of pervasive dust, 40 degrees centigrade and wild wild animals it looks like this tour is just for your. Namibia is really unique country but if you want to sightsee it you must be prepared for the worst conditions.

Namibia tour is a 10 day lasting journey full of unforgettable experiences and breathtaking sights but it is also 10 days of exhausting hikes, climbs and dives. This stuff is also for fighters. If you are of this kind, go ahead and book now.


  • Get to the top of Dune 45 – the highest dune in the world!

  • Walk along the Atlantic’s salt coast.

  • Meet specific Himba people and learn about their culture.

  • Kayak down the Cunene river.

Off-road tour across Namibia
Off-road tour across Namibia

Visit Namibia’s Etosha National Park and face wild tigers, giraffes and many different species of wildlife.

Hopefully you don’t expect 5-star hotels and transferring by limos. Instead, we will be sleeping in well secured tents and driving off-roads. The tour starts at the JFK Airport in New York where we are meeting.

Few words about Namibia

The Republic of Namibia is a perfect place for people that hungry for traveling and being close to the nature. This is just there were the biggest canyon in the world is located. It is Fish River Canyon. The environmental protection is a high priority in the republic. It is worth mentioning that Namibia was the first country that included into its constitution this question. Thank to that, today we can still admire beautiful, untouched natural wonders like Dragon’s Breath which is the largest underground lake on the globe. Also, the local desert is considered the oldest desert in the world!

Now something more interesting – visiting Namibia you are very likely to see a cheetah or even a few cheetahs! Well, this is actually Namibia that houses the biggest population of cheetahs. It amounts to 3 thousands of them! Anyways, the country is pretty poor place in terms of money which is quite weird since it is so reach in underground diamond deposits! Also, you will find there many gold mines as well as uranium lodges. A few years ago, one of Namibian uranium mines – Rossing Uranium Mine was the biggest uranium mine in the universe. It has changed lastly but still it is so impressive the country has such potential! Coming back to animal world – you are very recommended to visit Etosha National Park. Expect fabulous flora you may encounter there the biggest African elephants as well as black rhinoceroses.

As you can see Namibia has lots to offer. If you have questions related to this tour email us and we’ll directly email you back.

Namibian women
Namibian women

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  1. I’m a photographer and I was there last year to take some pics. The views are simply breathtaking. I was there in the end of August. Around 23 degrees during the day. Keep in mind that there is a rainy season from November until March. Regards from Switzerland.

  2. Do you think me ( 49 years) and my husband (54 years) will be able to travel to Namibia? We are active couple but we are already seniors…

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